Fierce ~ Fitness By Design

It Is Time To Rise...

Find Your Strength

Strength of Body and Strength of Mind

Out of the Ashes...

Welcome to Fierce. My hope for you? 

You have found a place of renewal, passion, peace, and strength. Forging a new outlook and new goals.

Not on your own - but with a leader, a partner, a cheerleader and a friend to help guide you to success. 

You are not alone anymore. I know you can. I know you will. 

At Fierce you will find an experience like no other. A home away from home.

Realistic and obtainable. Accountability and motivating.

YOU are my focus - YOU will be held accountable - YOU will be NOT be able to blend in.

Your training is designed around YOU - YOU are expected to be present and willing for change.

Half - ass efforts are not appreciated here. YOU have me in your corner now. I drive success with effort.

Let's Begin

Local - Woman Owned - Small Business - Louisville, Kentucky